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Our story begins with the land.

When you mix together a vineyard with over 20 years of growth located in the heart of the Great Southern, three best mates (Luke, Coby & Ken) two of whom just happen to be winemakers (Luke & Coby), a barrel load (more than 35 years) of winemaking experience, a direct channel into export markets (Ken) and an exciting new concept – Terra Riche – the recipe is there for something great. James Halliday commented in the 2020 Halliday Wine Companion that “Luke Eckersley and Coby Ladwig are two of the most experienced winemakers in the Great Southern. In various ways, and for various businesses, they have demonstrated their winemaking skills again and again.”

The concept is a simple one – make the best varietal wines from the Great Southern of Western Australia and enjoy doing it. Terra Riche was named in the Top Ten best new wineries in the 2020 Halliday Wine Companion along with a 5 star rating for their first release of wines. “The quality of the wines made for the first release is excellent, typical of Coby and Luke’s skills.” James Halliday 2020 Wine Companion.